Services Guide

  • The method of payment of the products is done either by cash and / or credit cards
  • Changes to products are made within 15 days of the purchase and only with the presentation of the receipt or a gift card (Except Saturday).
  • Products can be exchanged only with other products or credit note.
  • Changes are accepted as long as the products have remained sealed in their original packaging without being altered.
  • No changes are made to linens and mattresses, for hygiene reasons.
  • Customers can receive their products only with the presentation of Delivery Order and Receipt
  • Customers can order or book a product by paying a minimum of 30% deposit of the products selling price
  • Reservations are valid for 15 days where the product must be fully paid to receive it
  • In case of cancellation, no refunds are given, nor is it exchanged for another product
  • Νο product reservations are made during clearance period
  • Product prices do not include delivery & assembly expenses
  • The company delivers the product after payment of the entire due amount
  • Delivery takes place within 3-5 working days, except of the offer period and always by arrangement.
  • For further information of the expenses ask for detailed price list
  • The company has a non-refund policy
  • The contents of the warranty vary for each product. For more information on the warranty terms on each product, contact a service person in our stores.
  • The company will examine whether the product is covered by the warranty. If the product or component is defective, it will ensure that the problem is corrected or repaired. If necessary, it will change the defective part. In case the product no longer belongs to the company’s product line, the company will replace it with another similar one.
  • The warranty is valid from the original date of purchase of the product, given it has been purchased from SunTower Plaza Ltd. For the purpose of verifying the date of purchase, it is necessary to keep the receipt of payment, as it is the only proof of the date purchased.
  • The warranty does not cover damage resulting from poor assembly, misuse or storage, lack of cleanliness or scratches / bumps or any other type of accident. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, products placed outdoors or in a humid environment, or use other than for domestic use, unless otherwise stated. For your best service you can contact the store where the product was purchased.
  • In addition to the rights provided by the guarantee, all rights applicable to consumers are recognized in each case by the existing provisions and laws relating to the contract of sale. The rights of the consumer by law are cumulative to the rights provided by the guarantee.